Filly with locked stifle


We have the filly trot and gallop up the hill and change leads at a canter when she is well warmed up.

I purchaesd this filly over a year ago. I looked her over at a friends farm. He said the owner ran out of money and she had been broken. She was jogged for me and seemed fine. I took her home and when ridden she was lovely and well mannered.

However, when asked to canter, she was severely "locked" on one side. She would canter fine on one lead and when asked on the other would do a hopping motion and not change into that lead. Yikes!

I was appaled and was ready to give the filly away when Dr. Lose, author of BLESSED ARE THE BROODMARES, came out and suggested a surgery that would cure the problem.

I had it done and it has been a year. She is galloping and starting to use more comfortably both leads. We will see if she is confident enough to change leads and wants to run. I will share her development on the blog.

Janet delcastillo 2013